The Friends Tree lets you keep a buddy list of other Monster Owners so you can visit their homes and keep track of your monster friends easily.
As you add friends, your tree will grow and sprout more branches!
You can search for your friends by clicking on the "Add a new friend" button on your Friends Tree. You must enter the exact Monster Owner name to find your friend. Once you've found your friend, just click the "Add" button to send a friend request to them.
If you're looking at your friend's room, you can click on their Friends Tree to send them a friend request.
When someone adds you as a friend, you need to confirm that you want to be friends with them. When you have a friend request, your Friends Tree will shake its branches and an exclamation mark will appear on the tag in the pot.
To see your friend requests, click the tree. The requests will be highlighted in orange on the right side and you can then choose to add the friend, not add them or block them from contacting you again. If you wish to unblock a friend, send them a new friend request.
While looking at your friends tree you will see members are highlighted in gold.
Non-members may have a maximum of 500 friends. Members can have up to 10,000 friends. Any unanswered friend requests that you've sent will count towards this total.
Non-members can have up to 3 BFF while members can have up to 11. Learn about BFF News HERE!